Minner Consulting and Spectroscopy

Identifying the unknown and verifying the known

Send a Sample

Prior to sending a sample to MC&S please read the following:

  1. Contact us to discuss your project.
  2. We’ll give specific instructions on shipping your sample based on your sample type.

    Basic sample guidelines are as follows:

    • If sending more than one sample, please isolate each in separate containers in order to prevent cross contamination between samples.
    • Solid samples can be double Ziplock bagged and identified on the bag.
    • Liquids should be placed in non-breakable containers with the lid taped.
  3. If required, or if you anticipate litigation, download the MC&S Chain of Custody Form and fill it out completely.
  4. Ship the sample(s) to:

    Minner Consulting & Spectroscopy
    211 E Old Meadow Rd.
    Shelton, WA 98584

  5. We retain all samples for 30 days before they are disposed of, unless prior arrangements are made.